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Watch Dr. Bob Arnot discuss our newest partner, Health Tech Without Borders

About Ukraine NGO Coordination Network

The war in Ukraine has created one of the most urgent humanitarian crises in Europe since the end of World War II. The Ukraine NGO Coordination Network (UNCN), a network of U.S.-based 501c3 organizations and non-profit humanitarian organizations, is currently working around the clock to evacuate people in need including women and children to safety and provide food, water, medicine, and other life-saving humanitarian aid to those in need.

NGO Partners

UNCN is a network platform of NGO Partners who each bring specialized and critical capabilities to the humanitarian effort on the ground in Ukraine. UNCN provides "connective tissue" in the form of open-source intelligence, communications, command post services, and situational awareness tools so that our NGO partners can focus on their missions.

Image by Simon Hurry
Image by National Cancer Institute

Evacuations, Logistics

Humanitarian Aid,
In-Country Medical Assistance

Video Game Invention
Learning Ukrainian

Open-Source Intelligence,
Command Post Services

Translation, Cultural Navigation

How you can help


Put your resources directly to work on the ground where it is most needed.

Support UNCN partner organizations today.


Do you have a specialized skill? Do you want to directly support efforts on the ground in Ukraine? Contact us today.

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