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What We Do


*NEW* Explosive Ordnance Disposal

  • Train partner and allied in-country personnel in Explosive Ordnance identification, disposal, and route clearance

  • Provide situational awareness and expert advisory services for in-country personnel conducting EOD functions

  • Deploy teams of EOD experts to assist with training, logistics, situational awareness, analytics, database operations, and numerous other EOD functions



  • Identify and prioritize vulnerable and at-risk individuals and families in need of evacuation

  • Identify and secure safe transport from multiple pick-up locations in Ukraine

  • Support ground operations and field specialists to identify the most secure pathways to safety

  • Provide food and water to families in our care

  • Partner with organizations and contacts in third-country locations who can provide onward support for families on their journey to safety.

Image by Andrey Kremkov

Humanitarian Aid /
In-Country Medical Assistance

  • Identify and source food, water, medicine, medical equipment, and other items of humanitarian aid

  • Partner with organizations and contacts in Ukraine to identify the most at-risk communities in urgent need of support

  • Secure transport of humanitarian aid to communities and medical facilities

  • In collaboration with vetted partners, facilitate distribution of emergency assistance to those trapped in Ukraine

Image by Piron Guillaume

Open-Source Intelligence and Safe Routing

  • Leverage open-source intelligence and first-hand from volunteers to understand a rapidly changing environment

  • Create a common operating picture and situational awareness to help our network respond quickly to new needs for support and promote safe operations

Video Game Invention

Translation and Cultural Navigation

  • Network of native speakers, persons with years of in-country experience, and DLI-trained translators support communications and intelligence collection efforts

  • Helps verify to evacuees who we are, and provide them accurate instructions and information to facilitate their safe movement

Learning Ukrainian

Specialized Logistics

  • Source a supply of medical and humanitarian aid supplies at competitive prices (many at cost) in an environment where resource scarcity is high

  • Build a persistent supply chain to ensure the continued flow of supplies to conflict zone and refugee areas

  • Facilitate shipment from sourcing regions to staging areas near, or in-country, as well as handoff to trusted NGOs with operations in-country

Image by Simon Hurry

Fundraising, Resource Intake, Social Media, and Outreach

  • Provide a single point of contact for financial and non-financial contributions including medical aid and humanitarian aid

  • Generate outreach and publicity for the network of NGO’s.

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