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Our History

UNCN is a network of 30+ NGOs (primarily 501c3s) based on the “team of teams” concept. These NGOs have learned from prior crises, including the evacuation of Afghanistan, that a collaborative effort can achieve results greater than the sum of its parts. UNCN was formed to provide an outward-facing single point of contact for those wishing to assist the NGOs doing the meaningful work on the ground and to centralize resource intake (both financial and non-financial) and deconflict and collaborate operations amongst NGOs.


The constituent groups of UNCN were among the first non-profit organizations running operations in Ukraine. Members of UNCN organizations were tracking the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine even before the Russian invasion, and within 24 hours, were actively working to assist those in-country.


Our Partners


UNCN Sponsor - Heart of an Ace

HARP Rescue
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Order of St. George
Operation Orphan
Freedom Shield Foundation
Atlantic Counter Trafficking
National Child Protection Task Force
Vulnerable People Project
Freedom Bird Foundation
Cross Border Civilians
Migrant Offshore Aid Station
Global Surgical and Medical Support Group
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The Resilience Resource
Rapid Aid Liaison Group
AFG Free
Volunteers for Ukraine
Carry the Future
Medical Teams Worldwide
Save Our Allies
CEEC Church
Afghanistan Allies Humanitarian Rescue
Fill the Needs
Moral Compass Federation
Fight for Right Ukraine
Global Outreach Doctors
Project Apollo
Ukraine Trust Chain
Mountain Seed Foundation
Razom for Ukraine